Letter from the Superintendent, Thomas Chadzutko

Letter from the Superintendent, Thomas Chadzutko

| Published on: April 20, 2020 |

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, one week since the celebration of Easter. We heard in today’s Gospel about the faith of St. Thomas the Apostle and the need to believe, even if we do not see. That message for us today and everyday is to remember our need for faith, hope and love. These have been difficult times for everyone; however, it is our faith which will continue to provide us with the strength and courage to make it through.

On Monday, April 20, 2020, we resume distance and digital learning throughout the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, within the Diocese of Brooklyn. The Governor’s Executive Order imposed last week, indicates that schools in New York State will be closed through May 15, 2020. That means the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will not re-open until Monday, May 18, 2020. This date may change, subject to the Governor’s Executive Order.

During this time, the teachers within the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will continue to provide your child(ren) with distance, digital and various instructional learning opportunities. During the instruction of your child(ren), daily attendance is being taken. Please make sure that your child’s attendance is being recorded by their teacher.

All assignments are being graded by the teachers within the Catholic Academy and Parish Schools. All students are encouraged to complete all assignments in a timely fashion. Please consult with your principal as to how you can access your child’s grades. Progress reports for the 3rd Trimester will be sent out in early May. Additional details regarding progress reports will be shared by your Catholic Academy/Parish School principal.

I encourage you to remain in constant contact with your child’s teacher(s) and principal. Maintaining open lines of communication is always seen as a priority, now more than ever, as we continue to work in a remote learning environment.

Continued prayers for your health and safety. May God, Our Father, provide us with the faith, hope and love, we all need to see this through.


Thomas Chadzutko

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services