Our Team

teacher with students and laptop

Reverend Monsignor David L. Cassato

Vicar for Catholic Schools

Thomas Chadzutko Ed.D

Superintendent – Catholic School Support Services

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5419

Associate Superintendents

Mrs. Joan McMaster

Deputy Superintendent

(718) 965-7300 ext. 2224

Elizabeth Frangella, Ed.D

Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Supervision

(718) 965-7300 ext. 2218

Mrs. Diane Phelan

Associate Superintendent for Evaluation of Programs and Students

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5421

District Superintendents

Mrs. Roxanna De Pena-Elder

District Superintendent for Brooklyn

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Mrs. Janet Heed

District Superintendent for Queens East

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Mr. Michael LaForgia

District Superintendent for Queens West

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Key Staff

Mr. Ted Havelka

Director for Enrollment Management and Financial Assistance

Ms. Katie Keville

Enrollment Management Field Representative

Mrs. Maria Viesta

Assistant Superintendent for Academy Governance

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5424

Mrs. Daniela Volpe

Assistant Superintendent for Pre-K for All

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5422

Mr. Michael Greiner

Coordinator of Educational Technology and Data

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5557

Ms. Christina Morreale

Executive Assistant, Office of the Diocesan Bishop

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5226

Ms. Yinet Liriano

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5431

Mr. Carmel Addae

Administrative Assistant

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1415

For additional assistance regarding student records from closed schools, please contact the Office of Diocesan Archives at archives@diobrook.org or 718-965-7300 ext. 1002.