Bonus Time

Bonus Time

| Published on: May 29, 2020 |
child reading

by Cary Anne Fitzgerald, PDHP Parent/Community Outreach Coordinator

These past few weeks…have they simply passed, is there something that defines this time in for us?  A friend recently reflected on this with me.  She shared that she could say that her husband had accomplished an inordinate amount of house projects and she felt relief at “not having to…” when obligatory social events were concerned.  Yet, she grappled with the answers to the question, “what will you tell your grandchildren about this time?”  Is it ok to not have an answer?  Is it ok to revel in the simple during an extraordinary time?  Time that harkened back to when we were growing up: playing outside, arts & crafts, movies, cooking & baking, reading and board games…time with parents.  Or do we need to go big…or, well, you get it…

                For me, I love the time home.  Yes, I miss spending time socializing with friends and family but as a parent who works evenings, this time was a gift.  I learned how voracious a reader my daughter is.   At her age, I would get lost in a book.  I particularly loved this during summer nights.  Sometimes, I would sit out on the porch with my grandmother, both of us just reading our books.  One night, I broke her reverie by inquiring if we should think of going in now…she looked at her wristwatch.  Sheepishly, she nodded, “I think so.  Ummm, it is 3am!”  My daughter also is quite the artist.  She selected a notebook where she can draw to her heart’s content; that huge blue book is everywhere! Now, there is always balance…if you saw the bike, the skateboards and the surfboards, you will also understand when I say that I learned – or maybe, remembered – that my daughter is a thrill seeker, a daredevil, just like her father.  As I talk to my neighbor, Therese, from the proper distance, she laughs as she watches my daughter sail past on her bike, hands in the air.  I think she laughs harder at my incredulous face and the direct opposition of my husband hiding his admiration! 

                There is a saying that rears its head every year at this exact time, reminding us parents that time gives us 18 summers, 18 years with our child(ren).  When my future grandkids ask me what I did with this time, I will get to tell them all I know about their mom.  This is my bonus time.