Are You Craving Spiritual Growth? 3 Tips for Busy Families

Are You Craving Spiritual Growth? 3 Tips for Busy Families

| Published on: February 15, 2021 |

In today’s world, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives can feel overwhelming—so much so that we can lose sight of the things that matter most to us, including our faith. When we and our family’s schedules become too full to incorporate the daily spiritual practices of prayer, reflection, and meditation—elements of our faith that are so central to our lives as Catholics—we begin to weaken our relationship with God.

So, how do we overcome this challenge and make time for God? The secret lies in advanced thinking and planning, and, of course, having the will and determination to succeed in growing spiritually.

Below are three tips for busy families to facilitate spiritual growth and strengthen a relationship with God in busy times of constant movement and responsibility.

View Prayer as an Obligation, Not an Option

As with all other elements of your schedule, your commitment to God is a responsibility, so you should put every effort forth to prioritize your spiritual growth every day. Of course, this is easier said than done. When you begin to slip into the habit of viewing your spiritual growth as an option, you run into the danger of putting your faith on the back burner, causing your relationship with God to weaken. One of the most effective ways at prioritizing your relationship with God and your faith is to start actively viewing prayer and reflection as an obligation—to Christ, your family, and also yourself.

Incorporate Prayer into Everyday Family Practices and Traditions

Our children and partners are beacons of hope and determination, and they can do wonders for reviving a sense of urgency within us toward our faith and spiritual growth. To further strengthen your relationship with God, as well as that of your family, strive to incorporate prayer into everyday family practices. Depending on home life and traditions, this can mean something different to each family, but some traditional examples include praying around the dinner table and before bedtime.

Ask for Forgiveness

Perhaps one of the simplest—and most powerful—tips we can offer is to ask forgiveness from God with every prayer. God understands the reality of today’s world and loves us more for it, and it’s so important to demonstrate our gratitude. When we ask for forgiveness in a profound act of vulnerability, we acknowledge not only our limitations, but also our desire to become better in all aspects of our lives, and especially with regard to our relationship to God.

Go forth with the determination to grow within your faith, and you will open yourself and your family up further to accept all that God’s love has to offer us as His followers.