Spreading Faith at Home and in Your Community

Spreading Faith at Home and in Your Community

| Published on: April 13, 2021 |

As Catholics, our faith is what bonds us together and keeps us grounded in our shared love of Christ. Through our families and our communities, we grow even stronger in our faith, fostering communities and relationships with the principles and teachings of Christ at their foundation.

For this reason, we should always strive to share our faith with our loved ones, both at home and in our communities.

This is easier said than done, and with pandemic restrictions still in place that prevent large gatherings of unvaccinated individuals, this mission of faith becomes all the more difficult. These obstacles, however, challenge us in ways that promote spiritual and religious growth—even more so in the aftermath of COVID-19 as we attempt to connect once more with the world around us.

How to Share Your Faith with Your Family

To share your faith with the world around you, begin by inviting those closest to you to share in your love of Christ. Whether it be your spouse or your children, there are several ways to share your faith with your family that are both engaging and fulfilling, allowing you strengthen your own faith while introducing the love of God to the people you care most about.

Each week, set aside time to bond with your family members, perhaps around your living area after dinner or, if you have young children, before bedtime.

Some additional ideas to share your faith with your family include the following:
• Reading and studying the Bible as a family
• Attending virtual mass or group devotions
• Praying before family meals

How to Share Your Faith with Members of the Community

Sharing your faith with your community is the first step toward building a more unified group of people within the church and outside of it.

In order to communicate most effectively with your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in your community, approach each conversation with an open mindset. Never proceed with the attempt to convert the beliefs of someone—rather, you should share the universal principles that drive us as Catholics to become better citizens and, more generally, better people.

In addition to prayer, reading Catholic books encourages thinking and contemplation beyond the Bible, further expanding our understanding of the religious and secular worlds and how they relate to each other. By reading about the stories and perspectives of other faithful, we are able to grow in our love of Christ so that we may better share our faith with others.