Blast Off Into Learning Again!

Blast Off Into Learning Again!

| Published on: March 28, 2020 |

Investigate the Red Planet (Gr. 3-5)

Students can use a 3D model of the Mars rover to investigate the surface of the planet. This includes a short video explaining the rover mission and real images that were collected.

NASA Activities

This website contains activities, projects, and videos for students to explore space.

The link below is geared more toward younger students (K-5) and includes videos, games, and activities about space.

National Geographic Solar System (Gr. 3-5)

This link contains short videos, articles, and photos about the planets.

Space Writing Prompts

  • Create a list of the pros and cons of being an astronaut
  • Pretend you discovered a planet. Describe what it looks like, its name, and how you would run the planet.
  • What planet would you want to visit if you could space travel? Why?

Add pictures to your writing to highlight important ideas

Space “Jams”

Outer Space “We are the Planets (Gr. 1-4)

Eight Planets (PK-1)

Space Crafts

MaterialsToilet paper roll/ paper towel roll, paint, scissors

Cut out slits in the side of the toilet paper roll then insert a wing shape cut out of cardboard. Cut out a “seat” on the top. Have your child paint and decorate the rocket. You can also give your child extra boxes and have them create then decorate their own rocket or spaceship.

MaterialsConstruction paper, coloring items, glue, scissors

Cut out the same number of small squares as letters in your child’s name. Work together or have them write the letters in their name. Next, stack the squares to create a rocket. Have your child glue the pieces on and then decorate with stars using a yellow or white crayon.  

MaterialsCardboard, yarn, ribbon, string, or fabric scraps 

Cut out a planet shape and cut small slits around the edges. Have your child use yarn to wrap the planet shape, securing the yarn in the different notches. You can also use different colors/ materials to create textures similar to the planets.