Preparing the Soul for the Holiday Season

Preparing the Soul for the Holiday Season

| Published on: November 26, 2021 |

Holiday season is a joyful time to prepare your heart for the Thanksgiving holiday and, of particular significance to Catholics, for the coming of Christ at Christmas time. As you, your family, and your community prepare for the upcoming holiday season, now is an excellent opportunity to develop your faith and connection with Christ through spiritual preparation and reflection.

The Importance of Faith During the Holiday Season
As we approach the Christmas season, it’s reasonable to say that people’s attitudes about it are conflicted. Despite the fact that this is a very happy time of year, it may also bring about stress, conflict, and financial difficulties for many people. When it comes to the holidays and all that they represent, it’s not unusual to experience a feeling of heaviness, whether it’s fear about uncomfortable family reunions or anxiety about not properly connecting with your loved ones.

With a tiny adjustment in perspective, however, you may completely alter your perception of what this season is actually all about, which is reflecting on the life and love of Christ, as well as strengthening our Catholic faith through celebration with the people who matter most to us in our lives.

How to Prepare the Soul for the Holidays
The Christmas season is, at its core, a time for rest and renewal. For us Catholics, this is an important time to reflect on the birth of Jesus, his teachings, and his blessings, while also reconnecting with our own spiritual selves. One of the most effective methods to psychologically and spiritually refresh in the weeks leading up to the holiday is to look within and put things into perspective.

Open Yourself Up Spiritually
Even if you do not observe the holidays in a religious sense, taking this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the compassion, understanding, and love that are a part of your life is a wonderful way to start the new year feeling renewed. While it is true that the holidays are often a stressful time for many people, concentrating on these elements above all else will really help you to feel better about the holidays in general.

Adopt an Abundance Mindset
The Christmas season is also an excellent time to reflect on the plenty you have received in whatever form it has come to you: food, gifts, family, good health and/or wealth, and so on. Avoid falling into patterns of materialism by considering the value behind a gift in relation to your relationship with the person for whom you’re planning your gift.

Strive for Connection
Above all, the holidays are a time to reconnect with family and friends. You won’t be able to appreciate this season if you approach it with a sense of obligation. Instead, consider the blessings in your life you’re fortunate enough to have. This shift in perspective may bring joy to your holidays, allowing you to approach the entire season in a new light.