3 Holiday Crafts to Try with Your Child this Holiday Season

3 Holiday Crafts to Try with Your Child this Holiday Season

| Published on: December 10, 2021 |

Spending time with loved ones and creating treasured memories is at the heart of Christmas, especially for little ones. Who can forget the joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning or making gingerbread decorations together as a family? While there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday season this year, like snowball fights and ice skating, one of the best traditions you can start with your family this Christmas can happen from the comfort of your home!

Because they’re so fun to work on, holiday crafts make for meaningful and personal holiday décor that can be used in any room of the house – and they can also make the absolute best gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones. Create memories that will last generations by making holiday crafting an annual Christmas tradition for the entire family.

During this time of year especially, quality time with loved ones is so important to the growth and development of young children. This holiday season, share your Christmas spirit enthusiasm and bless your child with the gift of creativity by planning out a Christmas craft project… or two!

Santa Advent Calendar
Countdown the days to Christmas with an adorable advent calendar! To make this holiday craft, it’s easy to get started. Using white construction paper, cut out Santa’s face and create depth and dimension with a colored pencil. From there, glue pink cheeks, eyes, and a nose to the face with construction paper. Using red and white construction paper, cut out a hat and adhere it to the face with a huge cotton ball glued to the hat’s brim. Finally, make and attach a beard out of white construction paper.

DIY Hot Chocolate Kit
Here’s a holiday craft that you can drink, too! On a one-cup mason jar, paint a red circle using acrylic paint. Once dried, add some greenery to the jar and write “hot cocoa” across the face. In the jar, layer a hot cocoa mixture, chocolate chips, and small marshmallows. Then, place a square of seasonal fabric between the lid and screw band.

Felt Holiday Wreath
Why buy your Christmas wreath when you can make one that’s a million times more special? To make this fluffy and cheerful Christmas décor, just tie strips of green felt around a wreath shape. To create this holiday craft, cut strips of two distinct green felt colors before wrapping them around a wreath shape. Using hot glue, adhere little red decorations throughout the wreath. To hang the wreath, wrap a length of broad ribbon around it.

How are you and your family planning on involving your little ones into the flurry of holiday activity this year?