Easter traditions around the world

Easter traditions around the world

| Published on: April 9, 2020 |

Easter Traditions Videos
Watch up to the 2:00 minute mark to learn about Easter traditions from around the world

Watch this short video to find out about religious-based Easter traditions from around the world

In Australia, an “Easter Bilby” replaces the “Easter Bunny.” Watch the following video to learn more about this species. As you are watching think about, why is the Easter Bilby important in Australia?

Easter Traditions Articles
These articles contain a breakdown by country of different ways Easter is celebrated around the world (Gr. 3+ for independent reading). These can be used with younger students if the information is read to them.

Use the matching game on the next page to identify how different countries celebrate Easter

Hoppy Easter Writing Prompts

For younger students, have them draw a response to the question and dictate an explanation. 

  • If you could celebrate Easter like they do in other countries, how would you want to celebrate?
  • What are your favorite Easter traditions and activities? Why are these your favorite?
  • What would you do if you were an Easter bunny?
  • While hunting for Easter eggsyou found a magic egg, what happened next?
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word “Easter”

Easter Read Alouds (PK-1)

Read aloud “If I were an Easter Bunny”

Read Aloud “Pete the Cat Easter Adventures”

Easter STEM Activities

Materials: Playdoh, plastic eggs or jelly beans and tooth picks

Encourage your child to build the largest tower possible by connecting the plastic eggs with playdoh to make them stand. For younger students, you can help them by having them dictate where to stick the playdoh. You can also use jelly beans and toothpicks for increased fine motor practice. *Supervise children with toothpicks as they can be sharp.

Materials: Pencils, rubber bands, plastic spoon, Peeps

Use your Easter candy to create a catapult competition. Follow the directions from the link below to create a catapult. Then see who can launch a candy Peep the furthest. You can also use plastic eggs in place of Peeps and mark where they first hit the ground post launch. https://www.playdoughtoplato.com/peep-catapults/

Materials: Eggs, household materials

Challenge your child to create a carrier and parachute that will allow an egg to safely be dropped. You can use a staircase, porch, upper window, etc. for a dropping point. Have your child draw a plan for making an egg parachute then they can gather and build their egg carrier. Encourage your child to try out the carrier without the egg first to see how it falls/ lands and make any adjustments necessary. Then place the egg inside and see if it will stay intact.

Using the information from the videos and articles above, have your child match the country to its tradition. You can also have your child research the information to determine the match if they cannot find it in the above resources.